Автор(и): Shamruk N. B.

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Shamruk N. B.

Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Administrative,Civil and Commercial Law and Process,
Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Мова: англійська

Науковий вісник Сіверщини. Серія: Право: 2018. № 3 (5): 68-76


The article is dedicated to the clarification of the meaning, place and role of the prosecutor’s office in order to work effectively together with state and non-state institutions in the field of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence in Ukrainian families in present.Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention and Counteraction to Domestic Violence” contains a rather spectacular list of subjects authorized to carry out measures in the field of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence. In this list, which has as many as 19 subjects, law-enforcement authorities are also included, the role of which is difficult to overestimate, especially when it comes to counteracting this shameful phenomenon. After all, to date in Ukraine, the work on domestic violence combating is complex and includes a set of measures that carry social and economic, pedagogical, psycho-correctional and law-enforcement nature, and therefore it is very important, because it is the law-enforcement authorities (in this case, these are authorized subdivisions of the bodies of the National Police of Ukraine, courts, prosecutor’s office and authorized probation bodies), are empowered through their own competence to apply coercive measures to the persons, who have already committed such violence.Key words: prosecutor’s office, law-enforcement authorities, subjects, measures of counteraction, prevention, domestic violence, prophylactic measures, victim of violence.

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