Автор(и): Denysov S. F., Puzyrevskyi M. V.

Місце роботи:

Denysov S. F.,

Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor,

Head of the Department Criminal, Criminal and Executive Law and Criminology,

Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine;

Puzyrevskyi M. V.,

Postgraduate Student,

Department of Criminal, Criminal and Executive Law and Criminology,

Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Мова: англійська

Науковий вісник Сіверщини. Серія: Право: 2018. № 2 (4): 95-104


Vladymyrov’s L. Ye. scientific activity was analyzed in the article. The main factors that contributed to the emergence of his scientific priorities were identified. The scientist’s fundamental papers in the formation of his scientific outlook were described.

It is proving that the multifaceted scientific potential of L. Ye. Vladymirov played a decisive role in the development of the doctrinal provisions of the science of criminal law in the territory of Ukraine. The scientist prepared a number of fundamental scientific works, in particular, “Textbook of Criminal Law. General Part” (1889), “Criminal lawmaker as an educator of the people” (1903, 1908), “Course of criminal law. Part one. Fundamentals of the Current Criminal Law” (1908), etc.

So, the scientific and pedagogical contribution of Professor L. Ye. Vladymirov to the establishment and development of native scientific criminal and criminological school as well as his biography are considered. A brief characteristic of his scientific papers is given. The scientific and theoretical foundation created by professor are presenting. The uniqueness of the figure of L. Ye. Vladymirov lies not only in his fundamental knowledge, which has been reproduce in relevant scientific or scientific-journalistic works, or in combination with his scientific, public and state activities. A special place in the figure of a scientist is due to the value of his works for the formation and development of the Kharkiv and Moscow schools of criminal law.

Through the prism of the principle of history, it became possible for us to become aware of the reality of the day. It is arguing that his works have not lost their relevance on development of native theories of criminal law and criminology today, after almost a centuries since their publication.

Key words: Vladymirov Leonid Evstafievich, doctrine, scientific activity, criminal law.

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