Author (s):Fesenko Ye. V.

Work place:

Head of the Department of Criminal and Administrative Law,Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Law 2018 No 1(3):181-191


The article is dedicated to the issue of the day of account in the criminal law of basic principles, including principle of humanizing. Thus wide interpretation of principle of humanity is fixed in basis, which spreads on a guilty in the commission of crime person, and also on a victim.

This principle is especially important, because assists to defence of interests and human rights. But very debatable decision is inadmissed, and even erroneous decision of these questions, drawing transformation of principle of humanism in his opposition – hellishness. Such defects take place both in determination of the conceptual going near interpretation of basic tasks of Criminal code of Ukraine, so specifications of row of positions of his Special part.

In particular it touches the groundless change of reasons of Division VII the Criminal Code (Crimes in the field of economic activity). Unjustified is abolition of criminal responsibility for deception of customers and customers. The last release of the article 227 of the Criminal code is Unblameless also, that resulted in softening of responsibility for intentional introduction to the turn in Ukraine of dangerous products, in fact such acts are widespread and extremely dangerous foremost for the health of people. It reached to that the people diseased from the use of dangerous products are finished off by the falsifyed medications. At such situation it is difficult even to explain “humanism” of the legislative fixing of positions that result in weakening of control after quality of products and medications (moratorium on provided for by the plan not verifications etc.).

In addition, from imperfection of current legislation and practice of his application unsatisfactory is criminal law defence of still human health, that also not in behalf on principle of humanism.

Key words: principles of Criminal Law, humanizing, pseudo humanizing, crimes in the field of economic activity, crimes against the health of population.


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