Author (s): Puzyrevskyi M.V.

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Puzyrevskyi M.V.,

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Criminal, Criminal-Executive Law and Criminology, Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0001-8835-3238


Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Law 2023 No 1 (18): 87-99


The scientific views of M. P. Chubynskyi regarding criminal law science and the motive of criminal offense were studied. It was determined that the research conducted by the scientist on the science of criminal law, the motives of criminal offenses and their significance for criminal law and criminal legislation definitely laid a solid foundation for conducting further scientific research on the given issue, brought the scientist to the advanced level of criminal law science, and the reasoned instructions given by him and proposals contributed to the future enrichment of the theory of criminal and legal science, ensured the improvement of domestic and foreign criminal legislation.

It was found out that the study of the history of domestic criminal law science, in particular, the views of its best representatives, which M. P. Chubynskyi definitely was, served as a basis for improving legal thinking, criminal law and criminal legislation, and the practice of its application in future. The author’s position is given regarding the definition of the science of criminal law as a branch of legal science, a complex structured system of teachings, ideas, concepts, views and theories about the problematic issues of the development of the conceptual apparatus of criminal law, the law on criminal responsibility, its main criminal law institutions, categories and norms, criminal law policy of the state, criminal law aspects of crime prevention, practice of law enforcement of criminal legislation of Ukraine and prospects for its development in future, genesis of national domestic and foreign criminal law and legislation. In addition, the author’s position was given regarding the definition of the motive of a criminal offense as an internal volitional urge by the subject of a criminal offense to commit a criminally illegal act or omission provided for by the law on criminal liability.

Key words: scientific views, M. P. Chubynskyi, criminal law, science of criminal law, criminal offense, motive of criminal offense.


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