Smuggling in criminological and also criminal and legal dimensions

Author (s): Palamarchuk G. V, Orlovskaya N.A.

Work place: 

Palamarchuk G. V.,

Postgraduate Student of the Department of Criminal Law, Process and Criminalistics, International Humanitarian University, Odessa;

Orlovska N.A.,

Supervisor: Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor

Language: Ukrainian

Scientific Herald of Sivershchyna. Series: Law 2017 No 2(2):174-179


The report is devoted to the analysis of smuggling in the context of the phenomenon of transnational crime. In the context of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, «transnationality» includes the criminalization of a particular act in several States, the preparation / commission / commission of the consequences of such an offense in more than one state, as well as the countries of origin and activity of criminals. All this creates the jurisdiction of the «interested» states in bringing the perpetrators to justice. However, the concept of transnationality is wider than the concept of trans-border. The thesis is based on the transboundary nature of smuggling, a crime directly related to the crossing of certain objects of the state border. The thesis is proposed as to the prospect of combining types of smuggling into one type of crime, the location of which is appropriate in the section of crimes in the area of inviolability of the state border.

Modern Criminal Law requires a certain revision from the point of view of the intensification and modernization of the prevention of crimes, especially those whose commission constitutes the economic basis of organized crime and is directly related to corruption.

Key words: transboundary, transnationality, smuggling, state border, transnational crime.


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